Monday, January 20, 2014

The Wedding Day

Yes, We felt in crazy love .. 
And I knew that she is the one ..

  It took me too long to take that decision almost one month since we are officially a couple (How crazy I am??.. wait there are more).

So I asked her for marriage and she said yes.. 
As soon as possible.
I dont know.
 We will do it.

   Two months later we signed the papers of marriage in the ministry of justice in presence of my brother and two friends (all in jeans) and we became husband and wife.

   I never wanted a wedding party but I knew that it will make her happy to wear the white dress. So we started saving and arranging for the wedding day to be held on 21 June 2013. 

   One week before the wedding day, her family and friends arrived from Spain for the big day. and suddenly I find myself living in our flat with 7 Spanish people (Obviously they speak Spanish.. what a coincidence!!) and I dont understand a word the whole day. We spent the week sightseeing Cairo as its their first time to visit.

   The big day comes and the best thing in the whole week is coming. I AM GOING TO SEND THEM ALL TO THE HOTEL AND STAY ALONE AT HOME (We rented a suit in an hotel close to the wedding place to spend the night there and Drew (The bride) wanted to do the make up there) The family was super nice but I just needed my space alone. With a big smile on my face and a waving hand I say goodbye to the bus driving them to the hotel suit to let the bride prepared for the party. Once they are out of sight I run up to the flat, took off my cloths and laid over the living room couch with my Chivas bottle and a cigarette relaxing and enjoying the calm flat again. Later I took the dogs for a walk and I notice that I am half drunk .. OK Great.. I take my suit in my car and drive to my friend H.

    On my way I called another friend MH. telling him to meet me urgently in front of H´s home. Once I arrived I go out of the car in a classy attitude, threw him the car keys, WASH MY CAR, FILL IT WITH GAS, PUT SOME DECORATION AND ... AHH DONT BE LATE (God I love that my wedding day is today, in other situation he would send me to hell but today I can take advantage to the max).

    First thing I received at the door of H. was a glass of Vodka followed by another one.. Now I am really dizzy.. We order Mcdonalds home delivery with another glass of Vodka and here comes best fact of being a guy.. I shower and put my suit on in 30 min. and once MH. retured the car ready I start driving to wedding place crossing lane to lane. OHHH NOW I AM DRUNK.

  Thank God I arrived safly (I dont now how!!). I met the photographer at the parking and started a conversation while smoking a cigarette the bride arrives in a bus in jeans .. no Limo no nothing .. she even refused that I pick her up from the hotel (snap shot of the photographer: Gazing with an open mouth from the shock).

   Drew and her bridesmaids went to her room to put her dress on and I started socializing with the people till she finishes dressing up and the grand entrance of the woman of my life starts. But its not that easy.. One of the bridesmaids comes running to me yelling that I have to go to Drew now.

Whats wrong?
Just GO.. 
   I enter the room and I find a wounded tiger tear apart anyone gets near to her, ROURING and cursing in Spanish (Thank god I dont understand her) I tried to calm her down by every way but it was impossible.. Hardly I understand that there was a musical band in front of her room preparing for another wedding and she is in panic because of them.. I go out side shout at the band and kick them out of the area and went inside the room thinking that she will look at me as the hero of the day ..SURPRISE.. she is still shouting.. what shall I do?? .. she wants to take off her dress and go home .. nothing in the world can calm down a bride under nerve attack.. calmly I tell her: ¨I will outside waiting for you, If you wanna come I will be glad if you dont I will meet you at home¨and I left the room.

   30 Min. later, The big entrance starts and we have an amazing night full with everything that was not what we planned.. but it was fun.. 


  1. While you were drinking and having McDonalds, I was being tortured by not even letting me eat my sandwich. While you were having fun and socializing, I was alone in that room without phone or cigarrettes. And it wasn´t about the band, it was about having another wedding just in front of me.... I´m not that bad :-(

    Just to defend myself, I kept very calm when the bus driver abandoned me at the hotel and didn´t show up to pick us up...

    Anyway, I love you. Hate you but I love you.

    1. I never said that u r bad... I was just describing the situation from my side.. u were just in a panic attack like every bride .. and I love u too even if u hate me ;-)

  2. What a couple! Jajaja. I'll wait for the next one.

  3. Congratulations!!! You are a very lucky man!! Drew is one in a million! :-) :-) :-)

    1. disagree!! Drew is one in the history. not one in a million. but yea, I am a very lucky man.

  4. Both of u are so lucky for having found each other...!

    But.... JEEEEZUS!!!!! MacDonalds on your wedding day ? ???? One drink: fine, 2:cool, a trillion of them : well..... getting to the venue completely pisssssed, i mean slightly tipsy OK.... but .......
    MacDonalds on your wedding day!!!
    You were right in ur 1st post: U are not romantic AT ALLLLL!!!

    EntreMadrid y Pozuelo
    PS: Drew: una santa,eres una santa ;p

    1. Uppps!
      I loved ur 2nd story too,keep posting please

    2. You see?? Now you agree with me that I am not romantic.. :D I guess I know why are you protesting about Mac.. I can assure you that Mac in Egypt is much better than the one here.. and they have home delivery in less than 15 min. ... it was the perfect option ... and come on, you would have a point about drinking Vodka with Mac!!! I still cant beleive myself for this

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