Sunday, January 19, 2014

How did I met an Angel in Satan`s head

     Everything begins when I had a vacation I didn’t ask for, my boss just gave it to me after I`ve been so exhausted in work, I didn´t have a vacation for the last 3 years. I work in Tourism, and my position requires me to work 24/7. I love my work but I never enjoy privacy or hanging out with the guys. My phone rings every 5 minutes, it will cause me brain cancer soon. 

     I had a file I was working on for the past 12 days and I can assure I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours a day. Once I finished it, it was the feast, it’s a national holiday but when you work in Tourism you never get vacations when the rest of the world has free days. But for unknown reasons, my boss told me that I have 5 days off (during the feast!!!) and he will be handling everything. Not only that, he also gave me a big bonus and ordered me to travel somewhere, have fun and don’t answer any phone calls. (God I love my boss) 

    So I decided to go to the beach, and I had 2 options: A group was heading to Ain Sokhna and another group was heading to Ras Shitan (Satan`s head). Well I am used to go Sokhna since its only 120 km away but I`ve never been in Ras Shitan. I really wanted to go but it’s a very long distance to do it with my poor car (717 km). At the end both places are on the Red Sea which I love. So I decided to go to Sokhna so I don’t get more exhausted from the road. 

    At 9:00 pm, S. (who was going to Ras Shitan) called me saying that all of them are going to start their way at 3:00 am and he was just asking if I am going or not. It was an automatic reply without thinking “Yes I am in”. Don’t know why I answered that specially when I already had decided to go with the other group and I didn’t prepare anything for this trip. But that´s what happened. I was already in the street, so I went directly to a sports mall, bought a snorkeling gear, reef shoes and a Frisbee, this is going to be my relaxing trip.

    The meeting point was on the high way at the beginning of the travel road (so good I love driving for long ways even if it’s exhausting). I stopped at the road side in the dark waiting for the guys and I was fixing some stuff in the car truck when suddenly S. stops his car beside me. I started to say hello to him and his wife M. who was sitting beside him. And I got surprised when a dog jumped from the back seat. So I looked and I found a girl sitting with a dog, I couldn’t see her because it was so dark so I just said hello and it was enough, we stared the trip. 

     Next stop for fuel was in Suez (130km) it was around 6:00 am. Four cars stopped and I started to say hello to everybody because there were too many people that I didn’t know. But only one was so interesting for me. She was the girl at the back seat with the dog. She had something like magnet pulling my sight to her but I kept fighting against it. 

    As we arrived and started putting the beach clothes and sitting over the sea I knew that this girl was too dangerous for me. I had to avoid her as much as I can. And anyway my intention in this trip was to relax, relax and relax alone over the sand between the mountains and the sea (because there is nothing more there). I spent the first 3 nights with really small chats with everyone I was almost alone (and it was a good way to avoid the mysterious girl without being rude) swimming, snorkeling, playing volleyball and Frisbee (drunk at night). But there was something that makes me look at her and when I realize I just turn my eyes away. 

   At the last night, we were a few waiting for dinner time on the beach and we started to play cards (I have to deal with her!!!) every second I spent with her proved me that I was right. (THIS GIRL IS TOO DANGROUS FOR ME) Something forced me to concentrate on her the whole time and I didn’t want the game to end, but it did. We stood up and she said “We go take a shower and we meet at the restaurant for dinner” “Ok”. It was the fastest shower I took since I was in the army, I ran to the restaurant and waited. 

    She came with her wet hair and sat with me and the guys and suddenly I found out that the conversation became just between the two of us for no reason (I said I want to avoid this girl). We went back to the beach and again we sat next to each other with the guys but I didn’t feel them, I was just with her talking and talking and talking and I started to know the amazing person inside (who said that he wants to avoid who??). That last night ended with “good night”. Next morning we are traveling back to Cairo, back to work and traffic but the worst was that I will not see this girl again. So I had to find a way. 

    In the morning, I started to pack and do the check out and I was thinking how I can keep in contact with her but at the same time I asked myself “Why? Why?? You don’t want to do this!!!. On the way back I drove 717km alone in the car and she was in the car of S. & M. I kept asking myself “why you didn’t ask her to come with you??” but no answer. But the chance came to me. S. was in a hurry to go to a wedding so I will drive her and a friend home when we arrive to Cairo. 

    When we arrived to Cairo, they came into my car and started talking. My only excuse was that I wanted the pictures she made on the beach so I will add her on facebook (so childish). Once I arrived home I was so exhausted like hell from the drive but I went directly to the laptop, logged in on Facebook and added the strongest magnet on earth. Soon we had a chat ending “Keep my number on your phone as an SOS number” pretending that she is the poor foreigner girl that might need me for help while I am dying that she could ask me for anything. At that moment I felt like a High School nerd who is asking the most popular girl at school to go out. 

    Nonstop Whatsapp chats started until the moment I always wanted came “Wanna have a tea??” 

 Well, the idea of avoiding this dangerous girl was already destroyed. Because 4 months later she became my WIFE!!!!!


  1. And the dangerous girl was innocent as a small kitten....

    Love you

    1. Innocent??? Ha ha ha wait till the next posts honey

      love you too

  2. Wow!!! It is really great to see the events through your eyes :-) So romantic!

    1. Thanks, but dont get fool in me. I am not romantic at all.

  3. I do like the other side of the story too! Both of them are so much alike!!

    And I' m afraid you are romantic!! Or at least u were romantic on that day!

    Entre Madrid y Pozuelo


    1. You mean the day I met her or the day I wrote the post? :D
      I agree that the story seems romantic, but its more crazy :)